Simple gardening tips

If you own or rent a house, gardening can be quite a hassle, especially if you’re working full time and have children. But planting can add more than just an aesthetic value to your house; it helps with stress-relief, physical health and also your mental health. Here, we have listed several affordable, easy, gardening tips to make the task more enjoyable, rather than a punishing one to go through.

No-stick shovel

If you have a nonstick pan, you might want a nonstick shovel as well, by spraying your shovel with a silicone or a Teflon lubricant your shove will be much more easier to clean. A good coat of the spray will help dirt and soil to get off from your shovel efficiently, and in the winter, snow won’t stick onto your shovel, which is a win-win solution on all seasons.

Make your own watering system

Let’s say that you finally book your trip to Hawaii but you still need to water your plants, and asking for your friends or neighbor would be too much of trouble. Try to make your watering system by using a water bottle. Pop small holes on the bottle cap and fill the bottle with some water, and lastly, put half of the bottle on the soil. By doing this, your plant gets watered slowly, while you’re enjoying your vacation.

Rainwater to the rescueasdasd

If you feel like your water bill costs you so much every month, consider setting up a rain barrel or a container to get that rainwater, this is probably the most straightforward system to set up and will help lower the cost of your utility bills, especially during rainy season.

Tip: watch the weather news, that way you can set up your barrel without waiting for it to rain first.


Always do a research whenever you’re thinking of growing something. Certain plants need a specific amount of time in the sun, and also a particular amount of watering every day or weeks, depending on the plant. Doing this research will avoid of having any wilted or dying flowers in your garden.




A simple guide on when to plant or fertilize in your garden is during spring and autumn. When summer comes the soil is too hot, while in winter the snow will be covering the grounds, so make sure to do your gardening during spring and autumn, where the soil is the perfect temperature.…

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