Major Types of Access Doors

Access doors are installed within the building architecture to serve in different ways and purposes. They are usually placed behind the walls, floor or at the ceiling. Most of the access doors does are much smaller because of the compartment that is immediately behind them.

These doors are generally designed to fit with the surface that it is being installed. This is to allow them to stay out of the way and to maintain integrity and privacy, a prime example of this being the acudor uf 5000 . There are different types of access doors available in the market. They are constructed in different forms to serve different expectations and needs. The following are the major types of access doors.


Access DoorsGeneral-Purpose Access Doors

Just as the name suggests, this type of access door is used general but important reasons for both indoor and outdoor use. They can be installed in different places : the ceiling, and floor or on the wall in different dimensions. They serve as the best option especially when you do not have a specific fire code or when you want to conceal high-security stuff.

The general-purpose of access doors are designed with different materials, ranging from the basic steel door to premium door made of galvanized. These types of doors include the draft resistance door, weatherproof gasket, the removable doors which increase the mobility in confined storages and the temperature controlled doors. They are not specific to a particular safety regulatory measure.

Fire Rated Access Doors

The fire rated access doors are designed to meet high standards confined to fire safety regulatory. They are usually installed on the walls and ceiling that are at high risk of fire. The seal to this access door is airtight to prevent drafts. Some of the fire rated access doors maintain the seal even when they are opened while others conceal the gas lines, electric wiring, or any other flammable substances. These access doors are guaranteed to give you the best safety when it comes to preventing fire risk, heat transfer, and smoke. This task is accomplished because the door has materials such as the thick galvanized steel and mineral wool insulation.

Plaster Bead Access Doors

This type of access door is favorable if you are having a plastered wall or ceiling instead or drywalls because it does not interfere with the integrity of the structure of the plaster surface. You need the strong frame for the access door to prevent chipping and ruining any extra plaster around the door. The plastered access door is ideal if you need to control noise for privacy. It has a galvanized steel that serves as preservation for the acoustics of the original plaster surface.



Acoustical Tile Access Doors

An acoustical tile access door is a type that is designed specifically to block sound from passing through them. They are commonly installed in the sound-absorbing ceilings and walls. If you need an access door that will fit into the acoustic surfaces in your structure, the acoustical tile door is the perfect option. These access doors are hidden in the walls and ceilings of the recording studios, interrogation rooms or any other environment that is sound-controlled.…

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