Guide on buying furnitures

Furniture is a part of the house, couch, bed, tables; there’s a lot to cover when we talk about stuff you need in your place. Whether you’re getting a hand-me-down or a used furniture we have listed several guides on how to buy furniture. We hope that by reading this guide, you can save some money and also the time in furnishing your place with impressing pieces.


Online shopping

Nowadays with the help of the internet, online shopping has been a useful place to shop for anything that you can imagine. With just typing and clicking from your computer, your things will arrive at your doorstep without any hassle. Although it sounds simple, you need to check some things before you decide to buy furniture online. Checking reviews, return policy, shipping costs and if possible shop where they give you fantastic selections.

Tip: avoid sketchy websites, some of them offer free shipping cost which seems a bit unbelievable considering your furniture might weight more than just a few kilograms.

Measure before you buy

This guide is a no-brainer, but always measure before you’re going to buy something. Purchasing a shelf or a wardrobe only to find that it doesn’t fit your living space is a waste of money, so make sure you measure your place with a measuring tape before you buy your furniture, try to measure if it fits your garden well or not.

Tip: if you don’t have a measuring tape make sure you buy or get it for free, some retail store gave it away for free.


Swatch samples

Some lights in the store make certain products look better, but when you put it in your home, it’s a whole different story. Some online shop or showrooms offer sofa swatch samples, while some offer them for a few dollars. It might cost you a lot but spending a few dollars is worth it rather than paying thousands of dollars for furniture that doesn’t fit your place.

Buying used furniture

If you’re thinking to buy a used furniture make sure you look for stains, rips, and tearings. If you’re thinking to buy a used sofa, check if the couch has a stain and sit down for some time to test if the sturdiness and comfort are to your liking.

Tip: do not forget to clean the used furniture that you’re buying, doing this will save you from bad odors and also any germs that might be staying from the last owner’s place.